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这是圣蜡节ppt,包括了On February 2 is the end of the traditional Christmas day,在马赛(Marseille),圣蜡节保持了所有引人瞩目的特点,可丽饼制作等内容,欢迎点击下载。


Chandeleur (圣蜡节) chandeleur On February 2 is the end of the traditional Christmas day. People in this day will be a move. According to the religious rites, holy virgin Mary wax is clean, also from the hall with primary Jesus to DE la la veneration (purification Vierge Marie). 2月2日是圣诞节传统的结束的日子。人们在这一天将马槽搬走。 根据宗教礼拜仪式,圣蜡节是圣母玛利亚行洁净礼,也是带初生耶稣到主堂瞻礼(la purification de la Vierge Marie)的节日。 Since ancient times, February (French fevrier: this word from Latin verb, "februare independence, wash") and "fire" (new nouveau feu, with association),to the purification of nature in winter. Phase During the recovery of hope with growing. The church will repent sin and the concept of the pagan traditions, combining choice for large candle green consecrated patriarch, green cierges verts since ancient times has been associated with "body" concept.从古代开始,2月(法语:février,这个词源于拉丁语动词 februare,“涤除、洗净”之意)就与“新火”节(feu nouveau)关联在一起,与大自然准备走出冬季的净化阶段关联。白天伴随着复苏的希望日渐增长。教会将忏悔赎罪的理念与这种异教徒的传统相结合,选择为绿色的大蜡烛(cierges verts)祝圣,绿色自以来一直都令人联想到“洗身礼”的概念。 Marseille in Marseille, wax keep all the spectacular section. Traditionally, people in the holy oil production section wax to fry eggs wafers also called "li", if want bread with wealth and prosperity throughout the year, people will be thrown up over Fried pancakes with gold, even when the left hand... 可丽饼制作



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